Hello, and thank you for your interest in becoming an Associated Seller with Rust Belt Revival. Below, we will outline the process of becoming a seller, what's expected, and what is required if you are still interested after learning about the process. Please Contact Alex At Alex@bidrustbelt.com or Text 440-321-5731



1. Every sale Must have a minimum of 125 separated items, and each sale must make a minimum of a 1000 dollars


2. A sale must run for seven days max or five days minimum, with each item starting at one dollar.



3. Each seller must create a stripe account to do sales. So we may charge unresponsive buyers and to make sure you are protected in transactions


4. Every sale will have a 13 dollar advertising fee to be advertised on estate sale.net, Auctionzip, and sent along with our twice a week email blast to our 20 thousand bidder base.


5. Every item's display picture must have the front of the item without being cut by the photo edges.



6. Sellers must obey Ohio law and not sell any illegal items.


7. For sellers to gain access to the buy, it now stores they must do at least three sales then to maintain access do at least two sales a month.




All sellers will have 24/7 support if required. We take phone calls till 7 pm Monday-Saturday, but we respond to emails and texts 24/7 no matter the day or holiday. We will also tutorials, one on one zoom classes, and phone call walk through whenever you wish for a refresher.



To become a seller, all you will have to do is schedule a zoom class or phone meeting with Alex after reading through what we expect. Our terms and conditions for sellers and have made a stripe account. Once you have completed the class and have a stripe account, you may start scheduling and making sales immediately.