This step-by-step will only cover sections required in listing to post the 





Title: A brief Description, if searched, will lead the buyer to the item or genre of the item


Description: Further details the buyer may need to know about the item or further information about the item that will increase the value of the item. If you believe the title perfectly summarizes the item, then you may put the title in the description.


Shipping: We strongly recommend offering shipping. If the "Shipping Is Available" button is not clicked, it will say "No Shipping" on the listing. If you choose to do in-person pickups, please do so at an online exchange location (police station, town hall, Library).


Condition: the status of the item on any NYMES site Good is considered Standard Average Condition in this box. You may put if there is damage or anything about the condition the buyer may need to know.


Price: This is how much you want to sell the item for.


Quantity: This is how many of the items you have.


Images: Photos will appear when uploaded from left to right. The first photo in the order will be the primary image for the listing. We Recommend the main image be front facing image of the item that captures the entirety of the item with no parts cut off. We recommend adding pictures showing the front, top, bottom, and sides and identifying information. The more photos, the better. If the item has damage or imperfections, please photo them and upload those pictures. 


Payment and Tax Details in this setting is where you may hook up your Paypal and set an invoice comment, how long till they have to pay shipping time, or any information the buyer needs to know after purchase ( PLEASE NOTE INVOICES WILL HAVE TO BE MANUALLY CREATED IN MY ACCOUNT-LISTINGS-SUCCESSFUL) these settings can be pre-filled out in my account under Listing Preference Payments.


Duration: This is how long you want the listing to be live. If you want the listing to stay up without a timer, please select "Good Until Cancel."


Creating Invoices:  To Create Invoices go to manage auctions- my auctions- listings successful and click the 3 dots next to the sold item then click create invoice