Selling on The Buy, it Now is Simple And Easy; The Steps are Below.


Step One Deciding Your Seller Name: you may turn your current bidding Account into a seller account or create a new one with the name you wish to sell under. Due note that if you turn your bidder account into a seller account, you will no longer be able to bid or buy under that Account


Step Two Email Your Information: You Will Need to email What you are Selling, your Username, and how you would like to be paid out (direct deposit or PayPal). If direct deposit, please supply your account and routing number You also set up a stripe account to have payments go directly to you.


Step Three Creating a Listing: To create an item to sell, once you log in, you will it hit manage auctions ( you will not be creating an auction. It is simply what the system calls my Account for sellers), then click on create Listing then, select the buy it now category along with the subcategory that fits your item then hit next ( follow this for a step by step on creating a listing Creating A Listing )


Step Four being Paid Out: to be paid out once the buyer has paid. If you shipped the item out, you would need to provide a tracking number that shows the item has been scanned into the post office. If you did a pick up for the item, the buyer must provide a text message confirming they picked up and what invoice number the order contained that you must send as a screenshot with the buyer's phone number showing. Both tracking and screenshot must be sent to You will be paid out immediately. Please disregard this step if the buyer paid cash or paid you through your PayPal.


Step Five Paying Site Fees: If you took cash or the purchase was made using your PayPal Or your own Stripe, you will have to pay the 10% Buyers Premium added onto the invoice to pay this go to my Account- Site fees- Current. You will have one week to pay a fee from when the item is sold. If the fee is not paid, your Account will be closed, and any live listings will be shut down. If the payment is made using our stripe, please disregard this step, as the buyers premium is automatically deducted once payment is made.